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Greenlife ST Pills-Stroke & Brain Damage

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ST Pills is a purely natural herbal product for prevention treatment of cardiac & cerebral vascular diseases & the sequela of apoplexy, hemiplegia or paralysis. ST Pills was established as a key scientific research project by the State Science Committee and was approved to be produced by the Ministry of Health of China. There is numerous scientific data in pharmacology basal & clinical), pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy, and clinical trial based on years of research. It proves scientifically that ST Pills has a very good effect to proves cerebral vascular circulation to dissolve thrombus, to resolve encephaledema, promote the absorption of focus of cerebral hemorrhage and restoring cranial nerve function. ST Pills also has a specific effect for treatment of cerebral vascular diseases, (Such as hemiplegia, numbness of the limbs, twisting mouth & eyelid & language disturbance), ischemic heart disease and angina pectoris. It is safe to take without side effect. It is clinically reported that the efficacy rate is 94.24% for cerebral vascular diseases & 93.24% for cardiovascular diseases. ST Pills can be taken for prevention as well as for treatment for the above-mentioned diseases. Patients recovered from apoplexy are also suggested to take preventive dose continuously for a certain period because these people generally are at a high risk of recurrence of apoplexy.

Indications: Hemorrhagic apoplexy, ischemic apoplexy, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism, cerebral arteriosclerosis, facial paralysis, ischemic heart disease & angina pectoris & their sequela like hemiplegia, numbness of the limbs, twisting mouth and eyelid and language disturbance. For long-term preventive use in the above diseases. 
Administration and dosage: For oral use, two times daily. 8g each time about 48 to 50 pills). It can be taken for 10 days continuously with an interval of one day. 30 days as a course of treatment. 3 courses are suggested. If therapeutic efficacy occurs, it can be taken continuously until recovery. For preventive dosage, 4g each time, 2 times daily.

Precaution: Don't use if pregnant. During the period of usage, if you feel a dry-hot sensation occasionally, then you can reduce half dosage or suspended taking the drug for 1-2 days if necessary.

Specification: 80g per bottle. Storage: In a cool and dry place.

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